Supporting Wellbeing of Neurodiverse Employees

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All employees (not just leaders and managers) have their part in creating wellbeing for others, including neurodiverse colleagues or those who are unique in their own right. Many neurodiverse individuals have experienced loss in wellbeing from school bullying, labor market exclusion, and other societal challenges. As HR leaders, you can help create a culture which […]

Why Neurodiversity Should Be At The Top of Every Employer’s List

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What do Albert Einstein, Temple Grandin, Henry Ford, Emily Dickinson, and Elon Musk have in common? All are neurodiverse individuals who have made significant contributions to society. About the Webinar While DEI has been a notable area of interest for employers over the last several years, companies are starting to recognize the benefits of hiring […]

How to Attract and Retain Neurodiverse Talent

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The path to better understanding neurodiversity and developing effective initiatives to foster an inclusive environment doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether your organization is exploring neurodiversity in the workplace initiatives, or already has a program in place, this guide will provide you with a roadmap and best practices for recruiting and retaining neurodiverse talent and […]

Neurodiversity in the Workplace

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Launching neurodiversity initiatives and building inclusive workplaces will be vital as organizations look to stay competitive amidst a myriad of workforce and economic challenges. Neurodiversity will not only take rank with every other effort within organizations’ DE&I strategies but will stand out as a critical piece necessary to foster creativity and critical thinking, develop new […]

How to Support Working Parents of Neurodiverse Children

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Parents of neurodiverse children have a unique set of challenges that differ from those who have neurotypical children. The chronic stress they experience has a direct impact on their mental and physical health, productivity, and work performance, and increases healthcare spend and costs for an organization. While expanded mental health, EAP, and family-friendly benefits provide […]

Creating a Culture of Inclusivity: How Benefit Leaders Can Embrace Neurodiversity

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Creating an environment that respects employees from diverse backgrounds and experiences may seem overwhelming, especially when working together with companies or individuals who have different behavioral styles and ways of thinking. However, several strategies can be employed to help all relate to others in an inclusive way. About the Webinar Embracing inclusion and neurodiversity is […]

Holiday Resilience: Creating Space for Neurodivergent Joy

These last few months of the year are packed full of holidays, celebrations, traditions, and social gatherings for which many await with excited anticipation. But for some individuals, this season creates unnecessary stressors, expectations, and situations that hamper their ability to fully participate in this joyous time. Neurodivergent adults account for up to 33 percent […]