Neurodiversity in the Workplace

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Launching neurodiversity initiatives and building inclusive workplaces will be vital as organizations look to stay competitive amidst a myriad of workforce and economic challenges. Neurodiversity will not only take rank with every other effort within organizations’ DE&I strategies but will stand out as a critical piece necessary to foster creativity and critical thinking, develop new ideas and new ways of thinking, and identify novel solutions.

Organizations that are bold, forward-thinking, and committed to building an inclusive workplace in which individuality and uniqueness are valued, supported, and amplified will build a stronger workforce and experience exponential innovation and growth.

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  1. What neurodiversity is
  2. More about the terms
  3. Strengths, skills and talents of the neurodiverse
  4. How to build an inclusive workplace
  5. The business case for neurodiversity in the workplace
  6. A roadmap to neurodiversity in the workplace

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