Our Professional Resilience Solution

Help employees build emotional intelligence, manage co-worker stress and grow professionally.

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Train Employees for Peak Performance

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Comprehensive Trainings to Elevate Productivity

Targeted Programs

for employees to manage all aspects of their career from boosting EQ to coping with stress.

124+ Digital Mini-courses

with 30+ Challenges and 3,700+ sessions, tips, articles and exercises.​

Success Toolkit and Team Training Guides

for admins to easily deploy on-demand trainings.

Available in 9+ Languages

making it the perfect micro-training for post pandemic professionals.

Courses to Support DEI

for admins to build a culture of inclusivity within their organization.

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Professional Resilience Brochure

Our Professional Resilience solution helps companies foster a culture of health and high performance through career growth tools for all employees.

7 Training Areas for Personal Growth, Teamwork, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Skills

Our Professional Resilience solution offers 7 training areas for career growth, high-performing teams, and managing co-worker stress. In addition, we provide tools and skills-building courses for managers and leaders to foster a culture of inclusivity, including industry-leading courses for supporting neurodiversity in the workplace.

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Our Topics & Courses Up Close

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The Winning Attitude

10 Sessions

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Overcome Mental Hurdles

5 Sessions

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Overcome Conflict

5 Sessions

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Be Confident and Creative

5 Sessions

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Thriving Together

11 Sessions

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Women in Leadership

20 Sessions

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Leading with Compassion

11 Sessions

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Managing Difficult Conversations

7 Sessions

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