Our Parental Success Solution

Give working parents behavioral health support for themselves and their children, including those with developmental disabilities.

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Build a Community of Support

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Comprehensive Resources for the Entire Family

1:1 Digital & Live Support

access to Board Certified Behavior Analysts days, nights, and weekends along with thousands of clinically-validated video/audio trainings to support any child.

Support for the Caregiving Unit

by empowering any caregiver to manage challenging behaviors and get access to e-learning.

Deep Clinical Expertise

for children with learning and developmental disabilities, including tailored approaches for each child.

Equitable Coverage

for employees from all backgrounds with no diagnosis required.

Courses for Parents & Children

with 110+ digital mini-courses, 2,400+ sessions, tips, articles and exercises.

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Our Parental Success Solution Overview

RethinkCare’s platform gives working parents behavioral health support for themselves and their children, including those with learning and developmental challenges.


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13 E-learning Areas for Parenting Life Skills

Our Parental Success solution offers live consulting with on-staff Board Certified Behavior Analysts who work with parents across a broad spectrum of needs. The solution features 13 e-learning areas for parents, caregivers, and their children, including those with developmental disabilities such as autism, ADHD, and more.

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Our Topics & Courses Up Close

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Build Up Your Resilience

5 Sessions

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Support Systems

16 Sessions

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Practice Empathy and Self-Compassion

5 Sessions

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Stress Management

17 Sessions

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Daily Mindfulness

5 Sessions

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Goal Setting

17 Sessions

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Playing Independently

9 Sessions

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Communicate and Connect

5 Sessions

Parenting Consultations with BCBAs

Learn more about our personalized parenting support through Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

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Learn How RethinkCare Works With Our Integration Partners

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