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Before using Rethink, my child was not responding well in a social setting with other adults or children his age. Rethink taught my family how to approach/teach my child. It made him adapting to a school setting so much better within a few months. He still has lots to learn, and with more material added to Rethink continuously, we will be using it non-stop. If my employer didn’t offer this, I would have been lost, upset and stressed out.

Amber S.
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Rethink is valuable because it’s that collective resource beyond school, beyond therapists, and beyond anecdotal advice. While teachers, school psychologists and counselors, and therapists can provide more focused and specific recommendations, there has never been a time when they are not resource-constrained and having to make do with what they have. Rethink is that benefit that has the professionalism and credentials you seek but can be there more often and with more resources.

Ross P.
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There are a ton of resources on the site to look through, and you can browse for what you need. Our behavior expert had a lot of suggestions for help with routines. As parents of a special needs kid, it’s easy to feel lost and overwhelmed. We often place all our energy into helping our son, but Rethink helps us help ourselves and know that we’re not fighting the good fight alone.

Michelle T.
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Since I’ve been using Rethink, it has helped my two boys tremendously. I am forever grateful. This program has given my boys the confidence to be successful in their reading and communication.

Charlett B.
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I was struggling to help my son adjust to a new school environment. I felt like I was failing him as a parent. Rethink empowered me with a new approach to my son’s issue.

Bridget R.
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You can work at your own pace and set specific goals you want to focus on. If you ever run into an issue you need help with, you can easily set up a phone appointment. The videos are key, as well. ABA waitlists sometimes can be up to a year, and this was paramount in my daughter’s progress while we waited for a therapist through insurance.

Maggie Z.
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