How to Support Working Parents of Neurodivergent Children

By: RethinkCare Team

Bearded father works from home in living room while energetic neurodiverse daughter jumps on couch

Parents of neurodivergent children have a unique set of challenges that differ from those who have neurotypical children. The chronic stress they experience has a direct impact on their mental and physical health, productivity, and work performance, and increases healthcare spend and costs for an organization.

While expanded mental health, EAP, and family-friendly benefits provide value and have their place in the healthcare ecosystem, innovative benefit solutions designed for these parents fill the gap where other solutions fall short. When parents and their families are informed and supported in a way that addresses their needs, organizations have an engaged, productive, and happier workforce.

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  1. What is Neurodiversity?
  2. Strengths and challenges of neurodivergent children
  3. The pressures of caring for a neurodivergent child
  4. A day in the life of a working parent of a neurodivergent child
  5. The bottom-line impact
  6. How to support employees with neurodivergent children

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