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Our solutions are based on decades of expertise. Our Parental Success solution was developed in coordination with the world's leading experts in parenting and neurodiversity. Our Personal and Professional solutions offer science-based trainings from experts in neuroscience, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, positive psychology and adult learning theory.


Created with 85+ Leading MDs, PhDs and Certified Experts

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RethinkCare’s platform enables employees to better manage challenges from work to home life and everything in between without the need to learn multiple apps and approaches.


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Parental Success: 12 E-learning Areas

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Mental Health - Parenting Skills

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Increase Awareness of Self & Others

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Practice Self Care

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Develop Social Awareness

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Improve Social Skills

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Practice Mindfulness With Your Child

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Build Daily Living Skills

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Develop Communication Skills

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Develop Motor Skills

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Foster Play & Leisure

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Prepare for School

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Grow Social and Emotional Awareness

Personal Wellbeing: 7 E-learning Areas

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Learn to Meditate

Palm tree icon

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

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Be Happier

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Take One-Minute Breaks

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Practice Yoga

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Sleep Better

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Improve Your Mental Health

Professional Resilience: 7 E-learning Areas

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Build Emotional Intelligence

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Improve Relationships

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Develop a Growth Mindset

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Manage Career Stress

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Boost Physical Health

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Support Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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Author and Certification Series

Prosperity & Financial Wellbeing: 2 E-learning Areas

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Basic Skills for Financial Freedom

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Financial Planning for a Healthy Future

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