Creating a Culture of Inclusivity: How Benefit Leaders Can Embrace Neurodiversity

By: RethinkCare

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Creating an environment that respects employees from diverse backgrounds and experiences may seem overwhelming, especially when working together with companies or individuals who have different behavioral styles and ways of thinking. However, several strategies can be employed to help all relate to others in an inclusive way.

About the Webinar

Embracing inclusion and neurodiversity is a critical component of planning and implementing employee benefits and workplace experience. When you dive into the concept of neurodiversity, you can help clients or your own organization foster team culture for the betterment of a neurodiverse population.

Topics Discussed

Watch this webcast to discover what you can do to embrace differences in the workplace in the coming year. You’ll learn how to:

• Promote inclusion and a sense of belonging
• Support employers/employees in developing neurodiversity initiatives
• Gain a deeper understanding about the concept of neurodiversity
• And more!

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