Our Personal Wellbeing Solution

Help employees learn mindfulness techniques and manage stress, anxiety and sleep issues in a changing world.

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Focus on Wellbeing

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Comprehensive Coverage to Improve Mental, Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

Evidence-based E-learning

That leverages neuroscience, positive psychology and adult learning theory.

Personalized and Tactical Meditations

To learn, reinforce and apply new life skills for health and wellbeing.

Used in 120+ Countries

To help employees reduce stress and improve focus.


Into your current ecosystem (Wellness, LMS and EAP platforms).

134+ Digital Mini-courses

With 25+ Challenges and 3,100+ sessions, tips, articles and exercises.

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Our Personal Wellbeing Solution Overview

Our solution helps employees learn mindfulness techniques and manage stress, anxiety, and sleep issues to improve overall health.

7 E-learning Areas for Personal Wellbeing Skills

RethinkCare’sPersonal Wellbeing solution helps employees worldwide learn and apply integral skills to manage stress, anxiety, and sleep issues. Created with 85+ world-leading doctors and experts, our mindfulness and resilience e-learning sessions empower employees to improve their emotional and physical wellbeing. We offer thousands of bite-sized trainings targeting meditation, positive psychology, yoga, and more.

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Our Topics & Courses Up Close

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Mindfulness Basic Training

7 Sessions

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Strengthen and Energize

5 Sessions

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Cultivate Healthy Thoughts

4 Sessions

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Be Positive 1: Kindness

5 Sessions

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Turning Difficulties Around

5 Sessions

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Calm Anxiety

5 Sessions

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Reduce Daily Stress

4 Sessions

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Ease Into Sleep

5 Sessions

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