Three Industry-Leading Employee Wellness Solutions in One Platform

We are proud to provide three industry-leading solutions to meet your employees' needs on one unified platform. The RethinkCare platform enables employees to better manage the many challenges at home and at work through one streamlined user experience.

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A Single Wellness Platform for Happier Families and a More Resilient Workforce

3 Award Winning-Solutions in 1 Platform

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Parental Success

RethinkCare’s Parental Success solution empowers working parents and caregivers with the tools to raise more confident and resilient children. Employees can access thousands of on-demand e-learning sessions and speak with on-staff, multilingual Board Certified Behavior Analysts to address the unique behavioral and mental health needs of their children. This includes neurodiverse children diagnosed with autism, ADHD, or other learning disabilities. Our master-and doctoral-level BCBAs work one-on-one with parents to co-create effective solutions across a broad spectrum of challenges.

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Personal Wellbeing

RethinkCare’s Personal Wellbeing solution helps employees worldwide learn and apply integral skills to manage stress, anxiety, and sleep issues. Created with 85+ world-leading doctors and experts, our mindfulness and resilience e-learning sessions empower employees to improve their emotional and physical wellbeing. We offer thousands of bite-sized trainings targeting meditation, positive psychology, yoga, and more.

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Professional Resilience

RethinkCare’s Professional Resilience solution helps employees worldwide be the best versions of themselves at work each day. We empower both neurotypical and neurodiverse individuals with necessary skills to grow in their careers, improve relationships and emotional intelligence, and manage stress at work. We are continuously expanding our industry-leading neurodiversity content and expert consultation offerings to cultivate a culture of inclusion and optimize workforce performance.

Our Solution Overview

For parents to thrive at work, they first need to thrive at home. Learn how our 3-in-1 solution gives working parents behavioral health support for themselves and their children, including those with learning and developmental challenges.

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