How to Attract and Retain Neurodiverse Talent

Group of neurodiverse office workers with hands joined together

The path to better understanding neurodiversity and developing effective initiatives to foster an inclusive environment doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether your organization is exploring neurodiversity in the workplace initiatives, or already has a program in place, this guide will provide you with a roadmap and best practices for recruiting and retaining neurodiverse talent and […]

Neurodiversity in the Workplace

office workers hands joined together

Launching neurodiversity initiatives and building inclusive workplaces will be vital as organizations look to stay competitive amidst a myriad of workforce and economic challenges. Neurodiversity will not only take rank with every other effort within organizations’ DE&I strategies but will stand out as a critical piece necessary to foster creativity and critical thinking, develop new […]

Navigating Special Education

Two female teachers assisting young male student with cerebral palsy in special education classroom

  About this Podcast Episode On this episode, Angela and Kristin are joined by two guests, Jen and Maria, fellow behavior analysts and trained special educators. Jen and Maria discuss some of the most requested themes by parents, such as navigating school and medical assessments, asking for supports and resources in school, the best ways […]