How to Support Working Parents of Neurodiverse Children

Bearded father works from home in living room while energetic neurodiverse daughter jumps on couch

Parents of neurodiverse children have a unique set of challenges that differ from those who have neurotypical children. The chronic stress they experience has a direct impact on their mental and physical health, productivity, and work performance, and increases healthcare spend and costs for an organization. While expanded mental health, EAP, and family-friendly benefits provide […]

Emotional Intelligence For Kids

Mother at home discussing emotions with daughter using various emotion faces drawn on paper

  About this Podcast Episode On this episode, Angela and Kristin talk about how parents can help their kids build strong emotional intelligence. They will describe the process of social and emotional learning and give tips on using activities to strengthen social and self-awareness, responsible decision-making, relationship building, and self-management. About the Hosts Angela Nelson, […]

How to Support Working Parents Where they Need it Most Using SEL

Father using the laptop trying to work while son is on his back at home

Effective communication skills are considered to be the most important tool parents can teach their child to help them succeed in life, and their anxiety over this can result in sleepless nights and less productive days at work. About the Webinar As a parent, learning what to teach and how to teach it is the […]

Summer Hacks for Parents

father and children posing on mountain trail overlooking ocean

  About this Podcast Episode On this episode, Angela and Kristin discuss some tips and tricks to a productive summer. From keeping chores, routines, and academics going to making a summer bucket list and anti-boredom jars, parents can integrate some new ideas to make sure summer stays on track while still proving to be a […]