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How to Ensure a Critical Work Life Balance for Parents

By: RethinkCare

Published: Jun 28, 2022
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For many organizations, work-life balance is a common problem, especially for parents. According to a FlexJobs survey, 53% of working mothers and 51% of working fathers say managing a career makes it hard to be a good parent.

About the Webinar

Achieving a healthy work-life balance, however, is often not only up to the individual, but the company or organization. However, a healthy work-life balance is not only good for your employees, but also for business. Dive into the basics of work-life balance and discover how you can encourage it in these ever-changing times for employees and for yourself.

Join Angela Nelson, VP & Executive Director of Clinical Services at RethinkCare, to take an inside look at how parents can achieve stability.

Topics discussed will include:

• What work-life balance is and where the concept originated from
• Why work-life balance is critical for both individuals and organizations
• How to progress towards a better work-life balance
• And more…

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