Teaching Honesty

son sits on couch while dad has serious conversation, mother and daughter hug in background

  About this Podcast Episode On this episode, Angela and Kristin talk with their colleague and special guest, Kelly, about the concepts of lying and honesty. They discuss what lying is, how to reduce opportunities for lying, and ways to promote more honesty among our kids. About the Hosts Angela Nelson, MS, BCBA, and Kristin […]

The Benefits of Self-Care for Working Parents

Mother working from home carrying her cute baby girl while writing on whiteboard calendar

For many working parents, balancing the everyday needs of their children and employers often leads to burnout and lowered productivity in the workplace. About the Webinar By investing in self-care strategies, your organization can provide additional support wherever they are faced with challenging situations. Topics Discussed Watch this webinar and learn from clinical experts about […]

Stress Management for Kids and Teens

Mom in blue shirt comforting stressed out teenage son in white shirt

  About this Podcast Episode On this episode, Angela and Kristin talk about how stress doesn’t just show up in adults but can be felt by kids and teens too. They discuss what stressors are common, what stress looks like at these ages, and ways to manage it at home. About the Hosts Angela Nelson, […]

Helping Kids Make Friends

Girls blowing bubbles outdoors

  About this Podcast Episode On this episode, Angela and Kristin invite a guest, Pasha Bahsoun, to join and discuss all things friendships. They break down how to support your child to make new friends, when to jump in vs. hang back at playdates or “hang outs,” how to talk with kids about what makes […]

How to Support Working Parents Where they Need it Most Using SEL

Father using the laptop trying to work while son is on his back at home

Effective communication skills are considered to be the most important tool parents can teach their child to help them succeed in life, and their anxiety over this can result in sleepless nights and less productive days at work. About the Webinar As a parent, learning what to teach and how to teach it is the […]

How to Ensure a Critical Work Life Balance for Parents

Happy mom lifting little daughter kid up in air, playing airplane with girl, lying on couch

For many organizations, work-life balance is a common problem, especially for parents. According to a FlexJobs survey, 53% of working mothers and 51% of working fathers say managing a career makes it hard to be a good parent. About the Webinar Achieving a healthy work-life balance, however, is often not only up to the individual, […]