Motion Infusion: How Movement Can Change Your Wellbeing at Work

By: Maaheem "Mak" Akhtar

People running on Brooklyn bridge

Knowing that exercise is essential for health is like knowing the Earth is round. If you disagree, people will think you’re crazy. So we all rush to the gym after 8 or more hours of sitting all day, everyday in the frantic hope of avoiding all the illnesses that plague society, like heart disease, stress and obesity. But what if I told you that you might still die from being sedentary if you live like that? Wait, what?

Sorry to be morbid right off the bat, but it’s serious. Experts call sitting the new smoking. That’s how bad being at a traditional desk all day is for you. They say that moving throughout your day (whether you’re a pro athlete after work or not) is imperative to your wellbeing. Beyond physical benefits, a host of mental wellbeing benefits follow from getting up and moving more throughout the day. Walking improves creativity and regular exercise regulates stress and sleep. Moreover, the book Contagious even discusses research shows that people share more ideas when walking because their bodies are “amped.” Go ahead. Take that walking meeting and see what magic spills out of you. I dare you.

It makes sense that companies like Google use “conference bikes” to keep their employees moving. It’s a win-win for all.

Bottom line: you need to keep your blood flowing at all times. Luckily, you don’t have to work out like a maniac to lower your chances of dying early. Here are some small changes you can make immediately:

  • Keep your trash can further from your desk

  • Only use the stairs to switch floors

  • Drink lots of water so you need to use the bathroom

Bit by bit do a lot and you’ll make a huge impact. Thirsty for more? Laura Putnam, founder and CEO of Motion Infusion knows all, tells all in our recent webcast.

Billy Joel claims (sings), “Only the good die young,” but I’m going to go ahead and challenge that with “The sedentary also die young.” It’s time to make both wellness and work more fun. Ready to start a “movement” for more movement at work?

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