Energize Yourself and Your Space With the Science of Feng Shui

By: Maaheem "Mak" Akhtar

Man sitting at his desk and working

We know what you’re thinking. Feng Shui? Isn’t that the hippie stuff about energy with stacked stones and yin-yang symbols? Er, kind of… but not really. Feng Shui is, simply put, the practice of our being in harmony with our environment. Think about it: ever feel like your environment really impacts you? Most people would agree. Would you feel happier walking into a white room with bare walls or a bright yellow one with inspirational quotes decaled all over? I’m guessing you went with the latter. Hopefully, because that’s what a cool and normal person would answer.

So Feng Shui isn’t just for interior decorators, or some new age, woo-woo concept. At its core, it’s a mindfulness practice. It’s defined as the art of developing awareness of our intention and the deeper thoughts driving our lives at work and at home. Which sounds a whole lot like mindfulness, doesn’t it? There is some pretty incredible neuroscience behind how our surroundings drive our unconscious thoughts and actions. The places and objects around us literally wire our brains to trigger better performance, happier emotions… or vice versa.  Our beliefs and patterns, in turn, shape the trajectory our lives.

Salvatore Manzi used to be a skeptic. But warily trying out Feng Shui was so impactful on his life that he completely changed careers because of it. Give him a chance to explain the power of Feng Shui in our recorded webcast: The Science of Feng Shui: Energizing Your People and Their Spaces. Learn how you can optimize your workspace for peak performance and success in as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Set intention
  2. Create space
  3. Curate a reflection

Want to know what on earth that means? Only one way to find out.

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