Executive Function FAQ 

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RethinkCare is excited to launch brand new content focused on executive function in children! Our parent participants directly requested this content, and we are so happy to offer you seven new courses in that area today. Here are a few frequently asked questions about executive function to help you get familiar with our new content:  […]

Cultural Humility: Key Alignments To Parent Training

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For decades, clinical professionals aimed to practice cultural competency.  That is, they adopted behavior, attitudes, and policies to work effectively across cultures.  While this is important in our diverse world to honor issues of rapport, treatment success, and equity, Tervalon and Murray-Garcia (1998) discuss how competency implies mastery. Mastery is unattainable when applied to culture, […]

An Alternative to Punishment

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Some of us grew up in households, and even schools, where punishments were the norm. They may have come in the form of time outs, revoked privileges, vocal reprimands, or spankings. We may look back on these occurrences and accept them as a norm in that day and age, but suppose you were to reflect […]

The Key to Successful Talent Management Lies in Behavioral Health

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An innovative and analytical approach to behavioral well-being will be the defining factor between organizations that grow and those that stall. Industry leading companies share a powerful commonality, a skilled and driven labor force. Creating, growing, and guiding an organization that shapes landscapes requires dependable and knowledgeable employees that are attracted, developed, and maintained sustainably […]

Mindfulness Over Matter

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In a world filled with various stressors and conflicts, it can often be difficult for adults and children to identify effective strategies to overcome these obstacles. Various coping skills, such as deep breathing, exercise, and listening to music, can be helpful for many individuals. However, the practice of “mindfulness” can add an extra layer to […]

Understanding Cognitive Distortions in the Workplace

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As we recognize the importance of Mental Health Awareness Month, a topic that does not get enough coverage, even though it is universal, is cognitive distortions. From time to time, we experience errors in thinking that generally upset us due to how we process and think about situations that happen to us. These errors in […]

The Advantages of Hybrid, Flexible and Autonomous Work Arrangements

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Businesses thrive when employees choose to do innovative work in collaborative spaces. This traditional view remains true despite two years of a pandemic-induced disruptions. As the world nears the end of the pandemic, many companies have asked employees to return to the office but find it challenging to manage this transition. Some leaders have even […]

Empowering Parents of Children with Support Needs Requires a Holistic Approach

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Parents and caregivers of children with support needs are more likely than not to deal with frustrating experiences when navigating through the complexity of the school and community system. These frustrations, compounded by the pandemic, can run as deep as not getting ahold of someone for something as severe as a child’s limited eligibility for […]

Workplace Belonging: Parenting & Caregiver Edition

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To prepare future generations for a diverse and inclusive workplace where employees feel they belong, we must instill and strengthen a child’s feelings of acceptance and compassion to help them overcome discomfort in situations which involve meeting people who look, think, and act differently.

Workplace Belonging: Continuing the Journey

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In response to the positive feedback from readers of our last article, Workplace Belonging: A Journey Rather Than a Destination, we added ten more pairs of questions for reflection and action. Answering these questions will further empower your employees to create a greater sense of belonging in their work teams.

Workplace Belonging: A Journey Rather Than a Destination

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Employees who feel their organization is committed to and supportive of diversity and inclusion report better business outcomes in innovation, responsiveness to changing customer needs, and team collaboration. Moreover, employees have higher job satisfaction and lower turnover intentions when: Supervisors/team leaders are committed to a workforce representative of all segments of society. Policies and programs […]

Holiday Resilience: Creating Space for Neurodivergent Joy

These last few months of the year are packed full of holidays, celebrations, traditions, and social gatherings for which many await with excited anticipation. But for some individuals, this season creates unnecessary stressors, expectations, and situations that hamper their ability to fully participate in this joyous time. Neurodivergent adults account for up to 33 percent […]

Holiday Resilience: Planning Your Child’s Happiest Holiday Season Yet

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The winter holidays bring fantastic celebratory occasions and traditions, but they are also packed full of changes in routine, new and novel environmental stressors, and shifting expectations. These conditions can make it hard for neurodiverse children to get into the holiday spirit the same way their neurotypical counterparts do, but with the right support in […]

Employers take note: Successful work teams have complementary strengths and weaknesses

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Everyone compares themselves to others on social media as if society wants us to possess similar traits and characteristics. Our attributes range from “what people think is typical” to “what they believe categorizes the ideal person” to “what they find problematic in someone.” The same general principle applies to our cognitive (and social) strengths and […]

Languishing: The Hidden Struggle Against Our Mental Health

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Now, well into the pandemic, it’s clear that many people are exhibiting signs of mental or financial distress. Even those who seem fine and capable might still be experiencing a pervasive feeling of emptiness and stagnation as though some unexplained invisible force saturates their lives. For this article, we want to unravel this invisible force […]

Earning, Saving, Spending & Sharing

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We only influence our kids for a short time. We care for them in our nest and hopefully instill the values and life skills they need to survive in the real world. We want the money part of their childhood to mirror real life, so they aren’t shocked when they fly away from the nest. […]

Making a Game Plan for Your Debt

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Do you feel the ball and chain of debt holding you back from reaching the life you want? You may be sick of constantly living paycheck to paycheck. It may feel that you are never ahead of that burden. Sometimes unfortunate circumstances happen, like illness, job lay-off, or that unexpected home or car repair. These […]

Your budget. Your way.

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Some people look at budgeting as an object of torture – but it doesn’t have to be. If you create your budget with your goals, it’s YOUR budget – something you can take pride in and rely on to help you achieve financial peace of mind.

Getting Started with Retirement Planning

Getting Started with Retirement Planning

The most important takeaway in retirement planning is to get started. At MSA, we can help you identify ways that you might consider saving for your future and be with you every step of the way to help you to be successful.

5 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

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Your credit score affects your ability to get a loan, get housing, and even obtain/maintain a security clearance. Did you know that 62% of Americans have a credit score lower than 750?1 Improve your credit score with these five tips.

How to Help Employees Build Resilience in an Ever-Changing World

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In today’s workplace, resilience is a skill employees cannot do without. Even after the pandemic ends, the world will remain in a constant state of change and uncertainty. Employers who equip their workforce with techniques that can help them better manage stress and anxiety in today’s fast-paced, distraction-heavy world will reap rewards in productivity, retention […]

Cultural Humility: From Clinical Practices to Parent Training

Article Cultural Humility From Clinical

For decades, clinical professionals aimed to practice cultural competency. That is, they adopted behavior, attitudes and policies to work effectively across cultures. While this is important in our diverse world to honor issues of rapport, treatment success and equity, Tervalon and Murray-Garcia (1998) discuss how competency implies mastery. Mastery is unattainable when applied to culture, […]