RethinkCare Expands Parental Success Solution With New Language Offerings and Discussion Groups

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NEW YORK, April 17, 2023RethinkCare, the leading global behavioral and mental health platform for employers from RethinkFirst, today announced several enhancements that empower more parents and families—including those of neurodiverse children—to get the support and hands-on skills they need to perform their best at work and home. The updates include new virtual parent discussion groups, translators for 1:1 consultation calls, and resources in Hindi and Italian.

Parents whose children have a developmental disability associated with conditions like autism are at least twice as likely to experience financial distress and develop anxiety or depression—even if they have an adult child who lives independently—than parents of neurotypical children. Employees with anxiety or depression miss approximately six times more workdays, creating a cycle of further financial and emotional distress.

“Companies are responsible for supporting employee health and providing tools to overcome life’s challenges—including those they may not openly discuss,” said Eran Rosenthal, RethinkCare co-founder, president, and chief operating officer. “Our enhanced solutions aim to help even more working parents across the world access the support and tools they need to reduce their stress, better address their child’s needs and confidently balance their work and personal life.”

RethinkCare’s solutions now include the following to further enrich the experience for working parents:

  • Parenting Expert Consultation Interpreters: For parents that seek 1:1 consultations with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst—a common first step to solving parenting challenges at home—RethinkCare now offers interpreters for 180 languages through Propio, a trusted national language service company. Each interpreter undergoes a nine-step vetting process to ensure integrity and quality, and all interpreters maintain member confidentiality and HIPAA compliance.
  • New Languages for Parental Success Resources: RethinkCare now offers more than 500 expert-led Parental Success trainings and toolkits in Hindi and Italian, in addition to Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish. 
  • Virtual Parent Discussion Groups: In addition to 1:1 consults and self-service online resources, working parents can join monthly discussion groups that provide an intimate and social setting to share information, seek support, and discuss common challenges with parents whose children are a similar age. RethinkCare offers hour-long groups each month for three age groups, exploring topics like how to build relationships with your children, how to establish guidelines around screen time and strategies for staying consistent as a parent. Parents can seamlessly access these groups through the RethinkCare app.

When asked about their experience in RethinkCare’s virtual parent discussion groups, one participant said: “Connecting with other parents has made the world feel a bit less lonely. I’m very thankful others are willing to share experiences, as that’s not always easy. It takes a lot of courage to speak out.”

Learn more about RethinkCare’s Parental Success solution here and request a demo to see how RethinkCare can holistically support employees around the world.

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RethinkCare is the leading global behavioral and mental health platform from RethinkFirst supporting neurodiversity in the workplace and at home. We offer a digital experience and on-demand clinical consulting to empower employees across their parenting, personal, and professional needs. Hundreds of enterprise organizations including a third of the Fortune 100 rely on RethinkCare’s solutions to support members in over 120 countries.

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