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What is Mindfulness?

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Mindfulness is attention and awareness training to reduce stress, increase resilience and improve your ability to focus with an open, curious and nonjudgmental mind. It’s a skill that can be developed to help you to manage your thoughts and emotions so they don’t manage you.

Over 4,500 studies have confirmed the health and performance benefits of mindfulness. Fast Company even calls it “the must-have life skill for modern professionals.” Take your focus-game to the next level by getting RethinkCare’s “Mindful Leader” certification.

Why Get Certified?

Share your commitment to personal and professional development. Learn the science and specific techniques to more skillfully manage your thoughts, feelings, actions and results to reduce stress, improve relationships, sleep better and develop emotional intelligence for a healthier and happier life.

Once achieved, showcase your Certified MINDFUL LEADER badge on your LinkedIn profile, resume and email signature.

Program Curriculum

This Certification Program is for any professional that wants to go deeper in their mindfulness journey. This fun, fast paced course is interactive and shares actionable tips that can be immediately applied for a healthier and happier life.

  • Overview of Mindfulness
  • How The Brain Works
  • Stress and Sustainable Performance In The Age of Disruption
  • Emotional Intelligence Overview
  • Wrap Up, Tools And Takeaways


Graduates who are also members of RethinkCare, are qualified to attend the Emotional Intelligence Certification Program as a next step.

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Get Certified in 3 Steps

1) Watch the recording

2) Review the Key Takeaways

Download the Creating Mindful Leaders eBook and review.

3) Take the Certification Exam

Complete the RethinkCare Mindful Leader Certification exam, Accredible will then unlock your badge to make it available for sharing.
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