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Emotional Intelligence Certification

Take the certification program & complete the exam to get certified!

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What is Emotional Intelligence?

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Fast Company calls Emotional Intelligence (EQ) “The must-have skills for the modern professional.” If ongoing change and disruption is the new norm, the five key skills of EQ help you to level the playing field.

Mindfulness lays the foundation to train the five aspects of EQ: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy & compassion and the social skills that are critical to relate to others, collaborate effectively, and motivate your team.

Why Get Certified?

Share your commitment to personal and professional development. Learn the science and specific techniques to build EQ to be a more connected and impactful leader.

Once achieved, showcase your Certified EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE badge on your LinkedIn profile, resume and email signature.

Program Curriculum

This Certification Program is for any professional that wants to cultivate empathy, be confident and creative, manage their thoughts and emotions more skillfully and be more tolerant, accepting and effective.

It is recommended that participants complete the Mindful Leader Certification Program before attending this EQ program.

  • Mindfulness
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Regulation
  • Empathy and Compassion
  • Motivation
  • Social Skills
  • Wrap up, Tools and Takeaways
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Get Certified in 3 Steps

1) Watch the recording

2) Review the Key Takeaways

3) Take the Certification Exam

Complete the Emotional Intelligence Certification exam, Accredible will then unlock your badge to make it available for sharing.
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