Power Down to Power Up (ft. Dr. Jeffrey Durmer)

By: Dr. Jeffrey Durmer

Man running on road

Poor sleep has become an epidemic concern in the United States. Roughly half of the American population are struggling with sleep problems derived from some combination of stress, lifestyle and clinical conditions. Employers have begun to recognize the corrosive effect that poor sleep has on performance, health and decision-making, and are responding by offering initiatives designed to give employees the tools they need to relax and remove the barriers, both mental and medical, that prevent restorative sleep.


  • How to identify and address the most common sleep problems that impact workforce populations
  • The basics of mindfulness training at work and how this promotes physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
  • How mindfulness practices and restorative sleep work together to accelerate health and wellbeing initiatives
  • The benefits to individuals and employers that successfully implement healthy sleep and lifestyle initiatives in the workplace

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