Mindfulness Reduces Suspensions to Zero in School

By: The RethinkCare Team

Teachers standing with kids laying down on mats in school gymnasium

We’re so proud of our partners, Holistic Life Foundation (HLF). They were integral in helping us create our Mindfulness for Teens program, Grow. HLF has achieved an incredible accomplishment: reducing the number of suspensions in a school to zero.

And not just any school – one located in a very volatile part of the city of Baltimore experiencing violence and drug abuse.

How Do They Do It?

Everyday, over 300 students at Robert W. Coleman Elementary School take part in the “Mindful Moments” program twice a day. They participate in a 15-minute session combining yoga and meditation.

When students misbehave in any way, instead of detention or the principal’s office, they head to the “mindful me” room. There, they learn to overcome their conflicts mindfully.

It’s our dream to achieve this across schools everywhere, so we’re thrilled for HLF.

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