Does the Word “Mindfulness” Stress You Out? Here are Some Relaxing Alternatives (Pt. 2)

By: Heather Robinson

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Ready for round 2? As we learn so often in mindfulness, let’s not beat around the bush and dive straight into the rest of this list. If you missed out, here’s part one.

5. Masters of Emotional Administration

Feelings are a touchy subject in corporate America. Many of us do our best to pretend we don’t have any of the messier emotions during working hours. Who can blame us?

Emotions often associated with weakness, and considered a heavy liability to the corporate ladder climb, are:

  • fear
  • shame
  • sadness

Unfortunately, like death and taxes, emotions are inescapable.

It’s much better to learn how to manage them than to pretend they don’t exist.

Mindfulness teaches us to recognize, experience and work with our feelings in productive ways. With a regular mindfulness practice, your emotions will become allies, instead of enemies.

6. Mental Happy Hour

Happiness is good for business, as people experiencing positive emotions are more open to receiving feedback. They are also more likely to try new experiences, to give and receive social support and are healthier overall.

In one study of employees, just seven days of meditation focusing on positive emotions boosted overall happiness and increased productivity. Another similar study showed reductions in pain, anger and psychological distress. Mindfulness offers all of the happiness with none of the hangover.

7. Human 2.0

Meditation is a chance to reboot and upgrade your mental hardwiring – much the same way an IT professional upgrades your computer. A regular practice is like running a scan on your brain to help you gain awareness of non-productive habits and negative thought loops.

Once the scan is complete, you can choose what software to install. Do you want to be more patient? Less stressed? More focused? With regular practice, your brain will become obsolete proof – always upgrading and improving.

8. Club Med for Your Mind

Getting a chance to relax amidst non-stop corporate culture can feel impossible. In attempts to take a break, we drool over screensavers of idyllic tropical islands, visit travel sites to fantasize about our next escape and generally zone out.

While these activities are understandable, none of them have been scientifically shown to prompt real relaxation. Meditation is a 5-minute – even a 1-minute- vacation that is always available to you.

Meditation has the power to:

  • slow your heart rate
  • relax your blood vessels and muscles
  • improve your mood and immunity

All while gently rubbing the stress out of your addled brain and body. All without jet lag!


Whatever you call it, mindfulness has the power to transform your life in more than one way. It is the ultimate life hack. So if you want to “empower” your brain and get “buy-in” from your body, figure out what definition of mindfulness works for you STAT, so you can get started today.

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