5-Minute Every Morning Yoga Poses

By: Abi Carver

Young man in yoga class

Here is a “quick guide” that you can save to your phone with 5 minutes of the best morning yoga poses. This is the first thing I do every day, wherever I am. I usually don’t even roll out my mat. The benefits are wildly disproportional to the amount of time and effort that it takes. Zero back pain—even when I am sitting a lot for work, going on long bicycle rides or travelling for several days in a row, and a radical reduction in the risk of injury, even when I’m beasting out to my Onnit kettlebell workouts.

How Do Morning Yoga Poses Work?

  • Awareness. By bringing awareness to your internal physical sensations, you connect mind and body, which is crucial for avoiding injury.

  • Alignment. If you have a tendency to fall out of alignment, these 5 minutes of morning yoga poses can act as a daily reset.

  • Release of tension. Breathing deep into your belly allows your central nervous system to relax and your muscles to let go of tension.

  • Preparation. You can think of this as a warm-up for the physical activities that you plan to undertake throughout the day.

  • Engagement. Especially of the core musculature can be all you need to stave off the build up of lower back pain.

  • Mobilisation. Loosening up your hips for freer movement during the day reduces your risk of injury and can help to alleviate pain.

We share this article with permission. This article originally appeared here on Yoga 15’s blog.

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