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Wellbeing Champion Certification

Take the certification program & complete the exam to get certified!

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How Does RethinkCare Support Employee Wellbeing Champions?

RethinkCare Wellbeing Champion Certified badge

This Certification Program shares best practices for Employee Wellbeing Champions to have the greatest impact when building a culture of wellbeing and sustainable high performance. Learn all you need to know to drive an engaging program to help your colleagues be healthier, happier and more engaged.

Learn why Employee Wellbeing Champions are the tip of the spear in creating a culture of wellbeing and sustainable high performance. Bring employees together to create more connection, collaboration and trust.

Why Get Certified?

As an Employee Wellbeing Champion, management places its trust in you to create a healthy culture of support, trust and collaboration. And your colleagues place their faith in you to keep them informed, heard and represented with management. Employee Wellbeing Champions create the ties that bind a culture together— while helping build the soft skills that are necessary for a healthy culture.

Showcase your Certified WELLBEING CHAMPION badge on your LinkedIn profile, resume, email signature and anywhere you’d  like to share your commitment to personal and professional development.

Program Curriculum

This Certification Program is for any professional wanting to go deeper in their skills and ability to drive positive change as an Employee Wellbeing Champion.

This fun, fast paced course is interactive and shares immediate tips that can be quickly applied to help your colleagues be healthier, happier and more engaged while creating a mindful, kind and collaborative culture.

  • The Science and Benefits Behind Creating a Culture of Mindfulness and Wellbeing
  • Best Practices to Create Community at Your Company
  • Program Design and Proven Strategies
  • Making it Fun and Getting Managerial Support
  • Wrap Up, Tools And Takeaways
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Get Certified in 3 Steps

1) Watch the recording

2) Review the Key Takeaways

3) Take the Certification Exam

Complete the RethinkCare Wellbeing Campion Certification exam, Accredible will then unlock your badge to make it available for sharing.

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