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Wellbeing Admin Certification

Take the certification program & complete the exam to get certified!

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How Does RethinkCare Support Wellness and Wellbeing Admins?

RethinkCare Wellbeing Admin Certified badge

This Certification Program shares best practices from the leaders in wellness and wellbeing. RethinkCare’s Admin Success Toolkit provides all you need to create an ongoing conversation to show employees that the company cares.

  • Create a culture of wellbeing and sustainable performance.
  • Drive increasing adoption and engagement.
  • Efficiently create Efficiently create data-driven, plug & play campaigns.
  • Measure and Increase your ROI.

Why Get Certified?

As a Wellbeing Admin, employees trust you to create informed programs to serve their needs. When those needs include personal stress, relationships, sleep and other issues, they take comfort in knowing their leaders approach the role with care. This certification highlights a continuous investment in your personal and professional development, the company’s culture and (most importantly) their wellbeing.

Once achieved, showcase your Certified Wellbeing Admin badge on your LinkedIn profile, resume and email signature.

Program Curriculum

This Certification Program is for any wellness, wellbeing or L&D program administrator that wants to gather best practices and insights to more skillfully elevate the role of HR and L&D in your organization – and go deeper in the ability to serve your employees, drive adoption and engagement and create a culture of wellbeing in your company.

  • The Science and Data Behind Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Performance
  • Best Practices to Create a Culture of Wellbeing: Communication, Challenges, Wellbeing Champions, Connecting your Ecosystem
  • Strategies to Achieve C-Level Support
  • Measuring Program Engagement ROI and VOI
  • Ongoing Community Support: Success Toolkit
  • Wrap Up, Tools and Takeaways
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Get Certified in 3 Steps

1) Watch the recording

2) Review the Key Takeaways

3) Take the Certification Exam

Complete the Wellbeing Admin Certification exam, Accredible will then unlock your badge to make it available for sharing. 

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