Hewlett Packard Podcast Features Rethink Expert Angela Nelson

By: The RethinkCare Team

Article Hewlett Packard Podcast Features Rethink Expert Angela Nelson

Hewlett Packard Enterprise invited Rethink’s Angela Nelson, MS, BCBA, to be a guest on their latest episode of the Straight Talk for Real Life, a wellness podcast series that covers topics such as emotional health, relationships and parenting, sleep problems and more.

In the latest episode, Helping Families with Children Who Have Special Needs, Angela spoke with host Bob Peacock about parenting children with learning, social or behavioral challenges. They discussed how to best support children and families, which is at the core of Rethink’s mission.

Angela, Vice President & Executive Director of Clinical Services for Whil, said it’s important for new parents to understand they’re not alone when they discover their child has special challenges. She noted at least 1 in 6 children in the United States has a developmental disability.

“First off, your child is a person. Your child is not defined by his or her disabilities,” Angela said. “… It’s also important to think about giving yourself time to learn as much as you can about your child’s disability and take it day by day.”

Listen to the full episode of HPE’s Straight Talk for Real Life

Angela is also co-host, alongside Kristin Bandi, MA, BCBA, of Behaviorally Speaking, a podcast produced by Whil. Their clinical expertise is combined with practical parenting knowledge to address common scenarios parents often face, while providing tangible, lighthearted tips and techniques to support them.

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